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Consider the Hamby team as a dynamic extension of your company, poised to serve as your corporate event team or to create additional bandwidth for your existing internal event associates. Our experienced event producers will help you develop theme, décor and entertainment options to provide powerful results and enduring memories.

Our capabilities range from corporate drop-off catering to large scale annual meetings, and just about everything in between. If your company needs it, we can do it. Whether it's your company's big anniversary or next week's business meeting, we are here to serve you.

Our expectations to follow standard operating procedures ensure a high level of quality across the board. At Hamby, we adhere to "Six-Sigma"-like guidelines for quality management, striving for as close to perfect as we can get for all products and services. There's little room for error or defect when it comes to food quality!

Green Practices

Hamby is the only catering company in Charleston composting all food and organic discards. Through a partnership with Food Waste Disposal, Hamby is making pioneering steps to remain ever-mindful of our carbon footprint. Since mid 2011, Hamby has reduced its trash and dumpster usage by over 60%, via a comprehensive recycling program.

The Hamby team is committed to using local, sustainable ingredients whenever possible. In addition, our culinary team places particular important on supporting local agriculture and "aquaculture."

wedding catering testimonials

Have you heard?

  • Planning a conference for 200 plus people is not an easy task when you are planning from the upstate for a conference to be held in Charleston. Past experiences have taught me you never know what you're going to get when you hire a caterer for the first time. I can honestly say that Hamby catering was phenomenal. Great care was provided to ensure we had a great menu within our budget and that we were able to accommodate food allergies and/or nutritional requirements. The Hamby experience was fabulous. They were professional at every turn. The food was delicious and the service top notch. I was very surprised and pleased at how they moved over 200 people through two serving lines in pretty tight quarters in a very timely manner. Thank you Hamby catering for a great experience.~ Michael (Apr. 2017)
  • So let me just start by saying I experienced AMAZING customer service from start to finish. I work at a hotel that had an event that required a dinner and we do not cater for that large of an event. The original person I spoke to no longer works there but he was great. I told him the basics of what the group wanted and he pieced together a menu with the little amount of information I had to give him. After SEVERAL Phone calls and emails we finally got exactly what the client wanted. . . . . So we thought. . . . Many many many changes had been made due to amount of people changing and a few very small easy to fix issues. About a month out from the event date I got an email from Alex (who I believe is a sales lead) stating that she is taking over my group. Was not an issue. Again great customer service and extremely helpful. Fast forward to week of event. I was making changes(on behalf of the group) up to the day before. Which I felt awful for!! My worse fear was that the group would not be happy with the food. There was a slight issue with the arrival time BUT please know it was no fault of the driver as he ended up behind a horrible car accident. I know how awful traffic is around here so I understood and we made up for it with how quickly we moved getting it set up.

    Now most importantly the food.....was absolutely fantastic. The group RAVED about it. It was so much food. They even gave us some of what was left which was very nice of them. I will say it was delicious. I lost my mind over the snap peas,squash casserole and stuffed bell pepper. The macaroni was awesome too. The group informed me that the chicken was moist and delicious. I am so thrilled with Hamby words can not express. Thank you thank you thank you. ~ Bailee (Oct. 2015)