Our Team

The team at Hamby Catering & Events is looking forward to assisting you plan your next event. Our focus is on all the details, so you can enjoy being a guest at your own event. Let us put our talents and passion to work for you.

did you know?

We do everything with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust. We believe these characteristics should influence everything we do.

support team
Wes Ellison COO Hamby Catering
Wes Ellison
Chief Operating Officer
Director of Offsite Operations Hamby Catering Jon Riordan
Jon Riordan
Director of Offsite Operations
Candice Culbertson Wigfield Hamby Catering Charleston SC
Candice Wigfield
Director of Sales & Marketing
Ryan McKenzie Event Producer Hamby Catering Charleston SC
Ryan McKenzie
Event Producer
Cheral McCombs, Event Producer Hamby Catering Charleston SC
Cheral McCombs
Event Producer
Monica Allen Event Planner Hamby Catering Charleston SC
Monica Allen
Event Producer
Cacky Hendricks Staffing Manager Hamby Catering Charleston SC
Cacky Hendricks
Staffing Manager
Melanie White Office Manager Hamby Catering Charleston SC
Melanie White
Office Manager

culinary team
Frances Ellison Hamby
Frances Ellison Hamby
John Brunski Executive Chef Hamby Catering Charleston SC
John Brunski
Executive Chef
Maybell Williams Sous Chef Hamby Catering
Maybell Williams
Sous Chef
Fred Herring Sous Chef Hamby Catering
Fred Herring
Sous Chef